Keep memories alive

Every moment of our lives is marked by the experiences we have had, sometimes linked to initials, words or letters.Each memory leads us to a unique and probably unrepeatable sensation, even so, we love to keep those moments in our memory and bring them back to the present when we need them the most.

Tua was born out of the need to reach our customers through their memories. Because our essence is based on the creation of different, unique and special rugs, not only for us but also for each person who trusts WOOP RUGS.

The heart of TUA collection will be a design made up of the memories you choose, captured in a single letter.This collection wants to reward you with the opportunity to evoke a memory and for you to enjoy it for unlimited time. It transmits familiarity and good times for the memory of something or someone.

All this, in an elegant and modern model. With a wide range of colours to choose from and the possibility of changing the typography that best fits the personality of your memory. The meaning of the letters you choose can become the best kept family secret or you can share it with your loved ones and enjoy together remembering those moments.

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