Ceilings on the ground

Inspired by architecture and, in particular, by skylights that allow light to enter, the PLAFOND collection represents the result of an exciting design process. This concept becomes the heart of the collection, seeking to evoke the beauty and serenity found at the top of the spaces. The concept arises when analyzing what carpets are and where they are found. From that point, the designer developed an analysis that contrasts realities, exploring the possibility of inverting the perspective and bringing the ceilings to the ground. His charm for architecture and his fascination for skylights, which allow light to enter and generate shadows that frame the perspective of the walls, are the main inspiration for the collection. With the concept defined, Natalia began to capture the idea graphically and began a series of sketches that explore circular, square and rectangular designs. Little by little he refined it until the forms were simplified without losing sight of the transmission of the central concept of the collection.

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