We know that your home is a combination of shapes and materials. Different spaces that you try to harmonize through the decoration and the items that you choose for each room, just like when you’re creating a signature dish.

We also play with different ingredients, combining the infinite materials and textures that we are surrounded with, and sometimes we get the combination spot on, creating unpredictable collections like Qada. We make them this way so that you see this unpredictability reflected in your surroundings, giving you the ability to create diverse and infinite possibilities.

Each rug in this collection is a dish prepared by the most meticulous, elegant and extraordinary kitchen, mixing the finest ingredients with creativity, experience and technology.

Our technical department has developed its own weaving machines so that you can find the perfect combination and discover the Qada rug that you need. The manufacture process gives your rug a hand-made appearance.

The circle closes with you designing and adapting your model, making it your own and experiencing the magic of fusion.


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