Magic made rug

The Astros collection has landed in Woop, a new opportunity to discover all the possibilities of design and creativity that our ALMA wool offers us. Full of magic and colour, this collection arrives to our family to give that mystical, original and singular touch.

Every detail in interior design counts. That is why we try to give our rugs an overwhelming personality. A collection with eight different models, in which you can combine two shades of our colour palette.

The designs that we will find in this collection evoke the sun and the moon, although they are opposites, they manage to feed back on each other to give the earth a perfect harmony. Symbols that represent the duality of life, such as light and darkness or night and day, as they emerge together to achieve a magnetic balance. Undoubtedly, the Astros collection is special, it will make that empty space in the home shine under the designs of this new creative bet.

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