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The creative development of our rugs always aims to surprise with an extra touch of originality. From this revolution of ideas has emerged the birth of Natura, a collection of textures with charming designs made with cut pile and loop. The focus of inspiration that gives life to this new creative commitment emerges from nature, being this a scenario completely full of authentic and unique textures. The alternative we offer is wide, the collection of designs will transport you to the purest natural environment, finding our inspiration in the texture of animals, plants or even the human footprint. This collection based on the essence of the original brings together geometric designs, fluid, different and capable of providing any space with its own identity. Natura is primary, simple and innovative. A customizable collection, where you can choose the colour that will dominate this display of textures, and which also does not need additives to become the decorative element you need for that blank space. Natura is, for sure, a great choice if you are looking to give your home a unique personality.

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