Woop Rugs was conceived in Bilbao by the Novadecor Group in 2012. Our choice of name surprised many both inside and outside of the company. But what does it mean? Is it Basque? We were always asked this when we presented our brand for the very first time.

But it couldn't be further from the truth. Woop is a word used by Aboriginal Australians for empty spaces, or somewhere "in the middle of nowhere". This concept fits perfectly with our vision because, for us, a house without rugs is an empty space.

More than two decades distributing top-class international brands gave us an insight into how the world of decoration and design was changing. New technologies and social media opened doors to new ways of consuming and relating with our clients.

Creativity has always been one of the cornerstones of our identity, and as much as we possibly could, we applied this to all that we ever exceeded in, as well as to the parts of our business that weren’t necessarily very creative, encompassing everything from logistics to marketing. However, this wasn’t enough. We were always left wanting more.

We watched how our clients designed personalized spaces, and they would often hit a brick wall and not be able to materialize their ideas as a result of closed production process, high costs or impossible deadlines.

We are constantly researching, looking for new possibilities that the market and technology can offer us. That’s how we figured out that the way to achieve perfect design is by dreaming of alternatives and, most importantly, turning them into a reality.

And in order to do this, we had to “reconvert” ourselves. All of our rugs are locally made. They are manufactured in our centre in Navarre, which means that we control the production process from start to finish.

Everything from choosing the materials, colours and dyes, and even developing our machinery to make it easier for us to create designs that are different. We are surrounded by components that mix design and a sustainable future with traditional fabrics.

With the arrival of new and younger generations to our brand, we’ve pushed forward with developing our own technology that helps our clients design and visualize their rugs before their manufacture.















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