The essence of nature

Nature offers us the most beautiful and surprising creations with vibrant colors and impossible shapes. Diamond is born from the fusion of two of his most representative works: diamond and wool. A collection based on geometric graphics inspired by the cut of the diamond, the emerald or the cushion cut and, like a crystal, they reflect light playing with a single color range in a range from dark to light tones. Designed by the Bilbao studio, Muka Design Lab, Diamond is a timeless, sober and luxurious collection with an elegant design concept that will give color and shine to your home.


Lucas and Laxmi are the designer duo who have brought our Diamond collection to life. This Bilbao industrial design studio specializes in the creation of furniture, household items and small appliances with a strong identity and character. Followers of the “Slow design” movement, this philosophy permeates all their creations. From sustainable furniture to their design concepts, they always begin with a story that gives life to each object.


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