Technology and innovation is no longer an option in the rug world, but a must for nowadays decoration.


To notice what is around in the present makes us look at the future, where different materials converge to create inspiring possibilities and designs.


You can choose the different textures at your own will within the Space collection, creating
your unique design. One of the best qualities of this collection is its easy maintenance, you can even pour water on it with no worries.


Be brave, improvise, and try it. Do not think too much and imagine in a creative way a world of infinite alternatives.

Rugs development allows you to dream to create different and unique spaces that represent you.

Also, our anti-slip backing makes your life easier and safer.

Design, size, texture and form. Everything customizable.

EYECAT , Sencillamente elegante, y con infinitas posibilidades. HELIX, Pura tradición Woop Rugs. Un clásico renovado. MAKE IT YOURS. ORION, Un universo de creatividad.

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