Woop Rugs

To decorate a space means to have every detail in your mind, combining well-designed elements and using selected and long resistance materials.

Choose the right rugs is most important than you think. This is it because rugs affect acoustics, place temperature and comfort. That is the reason we think is necessary for your participation in its creation.

We know this because we have been more than 20 years distributing premium rugs at Novadecor,and as a result of that experience, Woop Rugs was founded in 2002. Always with this goal:

Using the latest technological tools, we offer you the possibility to create the designs of your own rugs.

We are in constant investigation searching for new market and tech possibilities. Thus, we’ve reached to the conclusion that to get to the perfect product you have to make real different ideas. We have created our rug configurator in order to stop trying to imagine how the rug would be, and finally see how it would look with our app.


Our stores show the innovation and customization of the Woop Rugs.

Máximo Aguirre, 1 Bilbao | +34 94 646 70 55

Ramón de la Cruz, 27 Madrid | +34 91 431 65 66

Where you will experiment with colors and textures to create your personalized rug through professional advice.